Saturday, September 15, 2007

What to do about inflammatory tendinitis

Most of this website has to do with solving the problem of chronic, non-inflammatory patellar tendinopathy.  But, what should one do in the early stages before patellar tendinitis becomes a chronic condition?  Here is one protocol:

MGH Protocol for Patellar Tendonitis

And, never do any exercise or stretches if you have pain doing it.  If you go to physical therapy and the therapist does something that begins to hurt you, yell "STOP."  In my experience, many physical therapists -- even supposedly good ones -- can make your condition worse.  I repeat:  If a physical therapist does something -- or has you do something -- that hurts you, yell "STOP."

Your physical therapist should always ask you how your comfort level is when they increase the intensity of an any exercise or hands-on manipulations.  I believe it is malpractice if they do not. They should back-off if you have pain.  If you are getting worse in physical therapy, you should see your doctor as well as look for a new physical therapist.


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